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Provision of plant-based feedstocks

We provide our customers with plant renewable resources for material and energy use. Depending on the raw material requirements research can be necessary.

Miscanthus harvest
Miscanthus harvest
Examples for plant raw materials
Examples for plant raw materials
Shives as a coproduct from fibre plants
Shives as a coproduct from fibre plants

The core task of C.S.P.

is the procurement and the supply of plant-based resources according to defined characteristics. These quality parameters for the properties are set by the customer, the industrial user. The plant raw material must meet certain quality parameters, has to be available in continuous quantities and needs to be sold at a competitive price.

Our company is working worldwide to procure renewable resources, because worldwide large areas of agricultural land are currently unused and many countries are looking for new sources of income. In the countries where renewable resources are produced, we make sure to consider food security of the population first. The use of residues from existing agricultural production, for example food production is an ideal opportunity to maintain food supply while creating economic value for the plant residues.

Sustainable production methods are particularly important for cultivating renewable resources. The targeted use of all plant components, including nutrient recycling of plant matter into the soil to maintain soil fertility, has a positive economic and environmental impact on agriculture. Social aspects such as job creation and good working conditions play an important role and are ultimately influencing factors for ensuring continuous supply of raw materials.

Our company provides a sustainable approach in the establishment of raw material partnerships (biomass partnerships) and the development of “pools” for raw material supply. In principle, one material “pool” could provide different plant materials for example from waste or agricultural residues for various industrial customers. These resource pools can be located worldwide.

Another way to obtain the defined plant materials for material and energy use of biomass is specific contract farming.


Contract farming Miscanthus
(Chinese silver grass, Miscanthus x giganteus)

In our company's history the cultivation technology of Miscanthus (Miscanthus x giganteus) has been established and optimised over many years and has become one of our core business. We offer Miscanthus contract farming with the following service:

  • Expert advice on crop cultivation, such as climate and soil evaluation
  • Identifying project-based financing and funding opportunities (clarification of the conditions for the financing of your project or clients investment)
  • Yield and biomass production estimates, profitability forecast and cost analysis
  • Provision of young plant material (rhizomes)
  • Preliminary biomass sale agreements

Please request information regarding

  • Planting, cultivation, application
  • Profitability
  • Drafting contracts

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