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Technology consulting and cooperation

We satisfy our customer requests from the industry by providing various contacts to partners and networks. We focus on the selection and development of appropriate processing technologies. This important step ensures accurate product qualities. 

We establish collaborations to guarantee a continuous supply of renewable resources for industrial applications. Based on these collaborations, material quality, prices and delivery guarantee are jointly defined which benefits all participating parties. Farmers benefit from the security of the feedstock sale and the purchaser receives defined material properties that ensure the subsequent quality standards of the target product.

These collaborations exist along the technological value chain. According to the operation of the C.S.P. the required product properties are continuously transferred as product requirements from the customer to the supplier. Every participant within the value chain communicates to its supplier how the material must be designed for further processing. This is characterised as “backward-looking" process chain.

Cooperation across all sectors is required between companies to establish sustainable and low-residue material cycles. C.S.P. supports its clients to establish these collaborations. A key factor in this context is the technology transfer for crop cultivation and for the preparation and processing of renewable raw materials. The customers are provided with know - how and suitable partners.

Processing technology nonwovens
Processing technology nonwovens